Essay on Overcoming Failure Of Failing Kids

815 Words Sep 30th, 2015 4 Pages
Nothing Comes Easily When trying something new, do people always succeed right away? In an unrealistic world maybe. Some believe that failing kids can be discouraging. This is creating kids to believe by just showing up they will pass. Nothing will be gained by this, rather they will only hurt the kids in their futures by creating lazy habits and no work ethic. If kids are taught by just giving minimal effort towards their tasks in their futures, they are most likely going to fail. Not only will they fail, they won’t have the experience and knowledge of what to do to overcome failure. Failing kids pushes them to give forth their best efforts, gives them experience of failing in their futures, and people learn from failing. First, failing students pushes them to give forth their best work. Throughout my schooling I have had teachers that would barely grade the work and give me a perfect score on all of my assignments. This created me to become lazy, and didn 't push me to think of my best ideas because I knew I would get all the points. So why would I put extra time into something when I could put half the effort and time into it and get the same score as I would if I did put time into it? Now I also have had teachers that graded everything from the first sentence to the last. For example, I got this in class essay back and Professor Gardner had graded it to where I would push myself to make sure I would go home and put my best effort into making it a lot better.…

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