Essay on Ottawa Charter

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How the Ottawa Charter is evident in Health Promotion Strategies Strategy | Build healthy public policy | Create supportive environments | Strengthen community action | Develop personal skills | Reorients health service | QUIT | laws relating to smoking in public places, tobacco advertising, the display of cigarettes in retail outlets, tobacco packaging and tobacco taxes. | Providing personalised counselling for those wanting to stop smoking - Quitline, a telephone service that people can ring to receive advice and support when quitting smoking. | Assisting health professionals, community groups and various population groups to develop anti-smoking strategiesProvides specialist training for health professionals and funding for …show more content…
| The campaign assists the community develop skills in choosing healthy lifestyle and behavioural choices through their eight month programme which will hopefully reduce the number of people in the high risk category for Diabetes. | Funding is given to Life by the government to help with the costs of their courses Those who are at a high risk of developing the condition are then offered a lifestyle behaviour change course which will assist them with making healthier choice within their lifestyle. | The Heart Foundation Tick | The programme works with manufactures to ensure that products contain specific quantities of nutrients. This provides policy for manufactures, where they are to abide by quantities in order to receive the tick. | Food chains(Coles & Safeway ect), school canteens and take-away stores may sell products with the heart foundation tick, enabling access to food with minimal fats and more vitamins/minerals – overall creating supportive environments | Schools, health care professionals, sporting clubs and local governments work together to raise awareness. | The tick educates and notifies individuals on foods that are considered eatable – containing vitamins/minerals. People are now able to learn which is the better

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