Origins Of The Renaissance Period Essay

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The Renaissance, the period in Europe roughly from 1350 to 1550, was a very interesting period in the Western world. It was a period in which the people living during this time knew that they were trying to reform western culture, hence why the period was named by the people of the time, which is very rare. The citizens of the Renaissance period were bringing back the various aspects of life that were lost in the eras before them. One of the fundamental objectives of this period was to throw away the Medieval period, and to bring back cultural elements of periods before Medieval times. Overall, we see that the Renaissance period is a period that experienced an instant explosion of culture; a culture filled with awe and wonder. As one observes this unique period, it is important to understand how this period emerged. It is also crucial to understand what made this time so unique. Therefore, this paper will explore the origins of the Renaissance period. It will discuss the major features of the Renaissance. Finally, it will explain the most important legacies of the Renaissance.
Towards the end of the Middle Ages, chaos spread throughout Europe. The Great Famine, which took place roughly from 1305 to 1318, essentially marks the beginning of these disasters. There was a major shift in climate and many crops failed to grow. Europe was a major food exporter, and due to the famine, many people lost their source of income. Many farmers abandoned their farms and began to move to…

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