Essay on Orientation And Entertainment News Standards

1036 Words Feb 18th, 2016 null Page
In understanding and evaluating news I looked two articles of orientation and entertainment news standards to show the contrast in how different news articles on the same website and on the same day can be completely differing in what people need to know about the news and what people want to know about the news and how they incorporate the some of the eight news values important to news. The article I picked to represent my orientation standard of news was an article about a California judge allowing a data release of private information on about 10 million students in California state public schools to a small nonprofit called Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Association for research purposes. I chose this article as my need to know news because it’s alerting parents in California about this upcoming release of information ruling. It also notifies Californian parents about who is getting access to this information, what the organization needs it for, the precautions they’re going to take with the information, and lastly, what parents can do to keep their children’s information from being used. Although this Data Release article brings up multiple news values, the two main news values I saw were conflict and psychological proximity. In this article, you have parents being informed about a nonprofit agency made up of parents wanting to do something good, which is to look at how the Californian school system is treating their special needs students and requiring information…

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