Organizational Philosophies and Technology Paper

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Organizational Philosophies and Technology Paper
University Of Phoenix
Timothy Alexander
September 24, 2012

Organizational Philosophies and Technology Paper
With the constant changes in technology, it presents more opportunities and challenges for organizations around the world. Technology has definitely changed the way we do business. The advancement in technology has offered new ideas for businesses to monitor employee progress and standards.. Companies need to implement supreme standards that promote unity, coherence, and co-operation between fundamental organizational proceedings and ethical codes of conduct. They need to utilize accessible technology to allow for the corporation to demonstrate and enforce
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E-mail or electronic memos disseminate information concerning standards of behavior. Many organizations require annual ethical standards and compliance training. Organizations may use video conferencing or online classrooms to deliver this training to employees. Available technology delivers and tracks compliance training ensuring all employees have a full understanding of the set standards of behavior (Herschel & Andrews, 1997).
The advancement in technology has allowed organizations to monitor their employees communication and what their looking at on their computers. Technology allows management to monitor employee activities and provides a valuable communication tool that aids in the management of ethical standards (Lee, 2006).
In addition to monitoring employee activities and publicizing set ethical standards, technology also helps establish and maintain the broader ethical standards of the organization. Network software helps manage and maintain the integrity of customer information as well as corporate data.
Shaping Company Culture
Technology changes the way people work and the activities performed at work, influencing company culture. Company culture is a set of shared values that provide a framework to organize and direct employee behavior. This set of important assumptions

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