Essay about Organizational Dynamics

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Group & Organizational Dynamics
, Facilitator ORM 303
Summary Paper

Abstract Work groups are a normal part of life whether personal or professional. Projects and decisions can be accomplished more effectively when working with a functioning group. Personalities, motivation, and leadership styles are all factors which play into the overall effectiveness of a work group. Effective leaders of teams utilize facilitation skills and manage roles to maximize productivity.

In today’s working world it is normal to be a member in a work group. It’s rare to see individuals not be a part of some sort of work group. Whether we go to work or serve on a church committee we have found working in groups can be difficult,
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31). Theodore Newcomb conducted a study that demonstrated the strength of similarity. Seventeen males were invited to live in the same house for two years rent-free. During the time they lived in the house, he gave them tests to measure their attitudes and values. He checked the room assignments and likings of one another. He discovered that liking was based on proximity or how close they lived to those similar to them. He later tested the house mates and concluded we get to know those closest to us, and are attracted to those similar to us. Attraction to others in the group, the group activities, group goal, affiliation with the group, needs outside the group are motivators for member participation in groups. As a leader within a group it is important to identify those members motivation and find out what motivates them, (pp. 31-33).
Another in-class group exercise represented us working in a group; we discussed the baby Jessica story. Jessica was given up for adoption and shortly after the adoption her birth father found out and he filed suit for custody of Jessica, the birth parents and adopted parents were in a legal battle which lasted two and a half years. Eventually, her birth parents married and were awarded custody of Jessica. Overall, my work group compromised and came to the determination there was not enough information given to make a valid decision. However, one group member had a strong opinion the

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