Organizational Behavior Essay

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Organizational Behavior and Communication
Judy (Judith) Hein
May 27, 2012
Kirby Thornton Organizational Behavior and Communication Southwest Airlines stated mission, vision, and values will be compared to what the companies enacted values, mission, and vision are. Also discussed are whether the proposed and enacted values are aligned, the extent to which communication is determined by the culture, how communication plays in the perception of the organization, how misalignment of the values may affect the perceptions and how conflicts may be used to improve communication.
Mission, Vision, and Values
Southwest airlines mission towards customers is “to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of
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A servant’s heart wants employees to “follow the golden rule, adhere to the principles, treat others with respect, put others first, be egalitarian, demonstrate proactive, customer service, and embrace the SWA family” (Southwest Airlines Co, 2012). Employees are encouraged to have a fun-LUVing attitude that includes “have fun, don’t take yourself to seriously, maintain perspective, celebrate successes, Enjoy your work, and be a passionate team player” (Southwest Airlines Co, 2012). Southwest keeps true to these values and makes sure that the stated values are the true values its company is upholding and also the values that the company holds each employee to.
Culture and Communication The stated and enacted values are well aligned with each other. These values are set to have employees work the hardest they can, to create a good atmosphere for customers and focus on the customers to make their time with the airline enjoyable and also to maintain a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, among customers, and guests. The company set their values to be in line with the cultural behavior of the company. The Young (n.d.) website states that the company creates the best culture it can by first hiring the best people they can find. The company looks for specific type of people with specific attributes to lend to the culture of the company and to keep its values on track. The company can teach employee what exactly is expected of him or her and how things are done that

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