Organizational Behavior Essay

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Organizational Behavior
Organizational behavior encompasses associated aspects with relation to other internal mechanisms within an organization. The behavior attributes to consider include culture, communication, and diversity. In considering the various aspects mentioned an explanation pertaining to each and its correlation to one another ensues within this writing. Further a brief analysis with regard to a previous workplace establishes relevancy to culture and behavior.
The organizational culture sets the stage in the expectations and in accomplishing set goals. The culture involves individuals, from upper management and lower level employees, working together with shared ideas, values, and beliefs. The culture determines the
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This can involve the physically challenged, older or younger, different religious backgrounds, and differing sexual preferences, to name a few. Diversity brings to an organization various degrees in innovation and creates a competitive edge with drawing a diverse customer base. An organization must take measures in educating employees in working practices for achieving understanding working with diverse individuals, and recognizing the benefits in a workforce prevailing in diversity.
Communication within the organization involves passing information from upper level management to lower level employees, among employees, and departments. Adequate and appropriate communication enhances an organizations success with providing the workforce with pertinent information for understanding, accomplishing tasks, and achieving set goals. Communication enhances culture, behavior, and diversity aspects in a positive or negative manner dependent on methods in conveying information by the organization. A brief analysis to a previous workplace provides with negative aspects related to culture and behavior. The organization worked against its success in various ways by the methods instituted. The culture did not contain a shared sense in values, beliefs, and behavior. The organization involved a ownership and a workforce made up mainly of relatives or friends. Trust and cohesion did not

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