Dealing With Diversity In The Workplace

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Organizational behavior is becoming extremely important to understand with the diversity in the workforce. In a team environment, personalities are one of the variables that can affect organizational behavior. Through the use of the Myers-Briggs personality test, knowledge is gathered to product ipeople that will become more effective as employees, managers and executives. Through my own personal experience and research I am able to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the personality type, extravert, intuitive, thinking and judging (ENTJ), NT temperament and the impact my type has on my life as a manager. Finally, knowing the your employees personalities types can help them reduce conflict, resolve problems, and become a more productive …show more content…
Thinkers tend to place what is right and logical over people’s feelings. In my current job as a law enforcement officer, I do have to make decisions that have to deal with what is right and what is wrong. If I were to place how people feel into the incident, I do not believe I would be able to do my job. I have to gather all the information I can from every different source, i.e., people, case-law, and statutes, before I make a decision about an incident. Furthermore, during an incident at work or at home, thinkers tend to stay claim while other people are upset. Thinker have no problem making a difficult decisions in their home lives and at work. I know when an incident occurs at home, my wife is a feelings type of person; during the incident I am able to stay claim and think of a decision that is logical as well as what is best for the situation. Majority of the time, I take what I have learned from the past that has worked and has been tested, and put it to use during my decision making process. According to, “thinkers establish guidelines to follow for performing tasks” (BSM, 2015) With decision making and performing my every day duties, I tend to analyze data, create processes and guidelines when performing a …show more content…
Robbins (2007) defines organizational behavior as, a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within organizations, for the purpose of applying such knowledge towards improving an organization’s effectiveness. (p. 10)
Every person I interact with at my work has a different personality and that every person thinks, approach and responses different. As a manager, I need to be humble to every ones different personality, learn how to identify their type and be able to relate to them. This test has also shown even though people have different personalities, when they are placed in the right position, and have a direction that anyone can accomplish anything. However, a good leader has to recognize those different types of personalities to be able to place the people in those spots. As an employee, this test can help me see the different personalities my supervisor and leaders have within my organization. If my supervisor is the type of person that does not make quick decision but needs time to think; I need to realize that part of his personality and adapt to his. Furthermore, knowing what personality my Chief is can help me when I have to present something to him or do a project for him. Knowing my personality and knowing how to properly use my personality will make me an effective employee as well as an effective

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