Essay about Organizational Behavior And The Workplace

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It is very important in the workplace to understand organizational behavior, which is the study of the actions of people at work. In a manager position your goal is not only to help and please your customers, but also keep your team of employees working smoothly with one another. There are three main areas that organizational behavior is derived from, individual behavior, group behavior, and organizational aspects. Individual behavior is taught by focusing on each person’s motivation, perception of things, personality, attitude, and learning. How individuals react to conflict, team projects, and taking on leadership and other roles in the workplace is group behavior. Lastly, the organizational features of this topic are based off of culture, structure, and any policies or practices of human resources. The main goals of organizational behavior are for the manager to develop the skills required to explain, predict, and influence the behavior of their employees. A quality manager is able to give reasoning for their rules and requests, foresee the reactions of their employees, and influence their employees’ actions in a positive manner. To learn these skills, the individual must focus on the employee productivity, or how effective and efficient the person is in the workplace. Always pay attention to attendance records at work; if someone is constantly late or calling out, they are costing your company, and your boss, money. A manager, while never having the ability to…

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