Essay about Organizational Behavior : An Overview

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Organizational Behavior: An Overview
Charles (Trey) Webb
Colorado Technical University

Organizational Behavior: An Executive Overview

Introduction Up until the late 1980s, curriculum for almost all collegiate Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs have been focused on finances, the economy, accounting, and more of the quantitative aspects of management. As has happened all throughout history, this concept required changed and adaptation to accommodate ever-changing social norms. Corporate America has evolved over the decades from ever-expanding and capitalizing or profiting on every resource they can to consolidating and focusing on their core missions and goals. Along with that, the mentality of every generation of potential employees has changed dramatically, forcing the field of management to recruit the assistance of psychologist and sociologist to help equipment them with the knowledge they need to succeed. Because of all of this, the wide-accepting view of the field management has shifted to being a leader vice being a manager. All of this has created a newer concept and field of study known as Organizational Behavior.

Overview of Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior is an ever-changing field. Some people rely on older concepts that were originated in the 1940s and 1960s. However, because of the sample size and diversity of subjects, most, if not all of those studies are not very relevant to today’s population and…

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