Essay on Organizational and Behaviour

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Mashama Pearce

LO1: Understanding the relationship between organizational structure and culture.

1.1: Briefly define different types of organizational culture. How would you describe the culture at Greenscape? Under the different types of culture, what type of culture do you think is evident in Greenscape?

* A dominant culture is where the same opinions and values are conveyed and shared by the majority of the organizations members. * Subcultures are mini-cultures within an organization, typically defined by department designations and where separated geographically. * Core Values are the main values that are accepted throughout the organization. * A strong culture is a culture where its core values are intensely
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Such an organization is values-oriented, people-focused and geared toward meeting individual employees.”
The culture described is a reflection of Greenscape as it is also people-focused and the employees are such a close knit team that Lita Ong works around her employees flexibilities and knows in some depth about each employee’s personal life (University, 2011).

1.2 How does the relationship between structure and culture impact the performance in Greenscape?

Greenscape has a simple structure because it is characterized by a low degree of departmentalization and the authority is centralized to just Lita Ong herself meaning there is a wider span of control and little formalization. The relationship between structure and culture impact the performance in Greenscape in a positive way this is because it seems that this is how Ong wanted her business to be from the start as it hints in the first paragraph. Because of the simple structure it enabled her staff to not only be efficient but to also pull together as a team to get work done and pull the company through, when things got hard.

1.3 What factors might have influenced the behaviour of management and employees at Greenscape?

There could be many factors that influenced the behavior of management and employees at Greenscape. For the staff it seems that the main

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