Organization Communication Essay

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Organizational Behavior & Communication Paper

Jessica Ginger


January 30, 2012


The research in this paper focuses on the relationship between organizational communication and organizational culture. Many things can effect communication and culture to including determining if an organization is living up to the standard set forth in their core values and resolving conflict through these values as well.

Organizational Behavior & Communication Paper

Starbucks has created one of the most exceptional models of organizational culture and communication in American business history. Starbuck’s culture is built on the platform of creating the ultimate coffeehouse experience for the consumer. It
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Communication is driven by the organizational culture. As mentioned in previous class discussions, a healthy clear culture puts procedures, policies, and expectations in place and distributes the information in a clear, precise manner. A strong organizational culture will equip each person involved in their business clear channels for communicating their concerns and ideas. Starbucks does this through their Business Ethics and Compliance program and their Standards of Business Conduct booklet available online to their employees and consumers.

The Role Communication plays in Perception and Organizational Culture

Everybody’s perceptions differ because of personality traits, past experiences, education, and backgrounds. It is imperative that organizations have a strong form of communication among customers, suppliers, employees, and critics. One way they can accomplish this is by developing strong core values and acting positively on those values. If you support your values through action you will be perceived as credible and trustworthy by those that create your product, sell your product and consume your product.

If Starbucks says they care about recycling and then fail to do so; the perception to employees and consumers is they really do not care about the environment as they claim. If they buy coffee from a farm that doesn’t meet guidelines of their CAFÉ Program (Coffee and Farmer

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