Martin Aircraft Company Case Study

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The stakeholders always want themselves to remain updated. Due to this reason they always want to enquire about the company decision from time to time. Through online communication system this process of transferring information can be made easier. The stakeholders remain update about the company policy through online regular letters. They get easily informed about the meeting and could make plans accordingly well in advance. Also the interaction through online communication system can help in easy transfer of information and solution of queries.

Coordinating proposal:

The proposal of using online information transfer system can be coordinated very easily. A proper system wherein the data about the company is saved in the super computer of
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The above mentioned communication methods can help the company in better administration and set up of intra communication facility within the organization that can help in achieving better output from the company employees. Thus through effective communication policies the company can achieve higher output and gain benefits from the changed organization system.
Company can work towards the improvement of its system not only internally by also externally and the internal system is improved by increasing the information transfer between the employees and upgrading them from time to time about the latest decision made by the management. The external systems of the company can be improved by keeping the stakeholders updated with the company policy; standards etc. which can help them in further decision making process and continue their investment in the company. Therefore an overall improvement in the output and trustworthiness of the company can be increased and improved with the application of better communication

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