Organic Vs Mechanistic Design Of Organizational Structure Essay

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Currently, organizational architecture and/or design, which previously consisted of isolated terms, measure using methods that are more complex. Therefore, the perception of organizational structure as separate is no more with organizational architecture consisting of elements as soft and hard. Occupied positions and procedural organization arrangement, which consist of formal organizational structure arrangements and logically connected operations with a purposeful order, create hard elements. On the other hand, an informal organizational structure, human resources, and organizational cultures create soft elements. The connecting and managing factor is organizational strategy. Moreover, shared values are important in guiding and adjusting employees’ behavior towards a desirable direction, in organizational structure (Kribikova, 2016).
Organic vs Mechanistic Design
According to Daft (2016), “the whole point of understanding structural dimensions and contingency factors is to design the organization in such a way as to achieve high performance and effectiveness.” (p. 23). For which, the author explained that an effective organization design involves the comprehension of various contingencies and how that organization is configured to fit those contingency factors. Daft (2016) defined contingency as meaning that “one thing depends on other things, and for organizations to be effective there must be a ‘goodness to fit’ between their design and various contingency…

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