Oral Receptive And Expressive Language Skills For Children 5 Essay

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I would administer the CELF-5. This test is used to identify oral receptive and expressive language skills for children 5 through 21 years old. The receptive subtest range from following directions, word classes, sentence comprehension, understanding spoken paragraphs, and semantic relationships. The expressive subtest range from word structure, recalling sentences, and formulated sentences. For example, the child could score low in expressive and need services again due to the higher complexity of work in second grade. For example, the section “Understanding Paragraphs” could be extremely difficult for the child because the child has to listen to the story and answer questions. If no services can be provided by the speech pathologist, I would recommend a HI to come in twice a week for thirty minutes each to work on reading, auditory training, and language. This would give the child extra practice to succeed in the classroom. The HI could also push in the classroom to see where the areas of weaknesses lie for the child and make the following accommodations with the help of the general education teacher. I would also use the Conners’ Rating Scales to test behavior. This test identifies a behavioral profile of a child in six specific areas based on responses from teachers, parents, or the child themselves.

The test I would use for cognitive skills would be the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale Fourth Edition (WPPSI-IV). This test is an individually administers test that…

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