Communication Skills Research Paper

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Whether you are taking notes or publishing a book, everyone uses writing at some point in their life. Writing is one of the greatest forms of communication we have. It’s a skill that can’t and shouldn’t be avoided.
During the course of my studies in high school, a huge amount of my time was devoted to writing cases and giving speeches. I joined a speech and debate team my sophomore year and discovered that I have a passion for proving people wrong. This discovery led me to pursuing a career as a Paralegal. What I didn’t know upon choosing my career was exactly how much writing I would be doing. You never realize how important a skill is until you discover that you have to use it in every aspect of your future career. According to the Occupational
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Brewer, head of the Paralegal Department at Reynolds Community College, says that one of the most important skill you need to practice law is the ability to write in an organized and grammatically correct way. “In order to succeed in this Program you must have strong communication skills. This means that you speak and write correctly using correct grammar and punctuation.” Writing is important in the field of law because without the ability to write, you are out of a job. Chances are, if you can’t write well, you won’t be able to present anything in an organized way. Clients aren’t going to hire someone who can’t write a brief in a professional manner. Ashleigh Metz, a student in the Paralegal program at J Sargeant Reynolds Community College, is employed at a law firm and agreed by saying that organization and presentation are important skills you need to keep you on your feet while working. “As important as the ability to write well is for a Paralegal, or anyone involved in law, presentation is even more …show more content…
Writing skills are vital to a paralegal’s success. When writing petitions, briefs, and even business letters, paralegals must be able to write properly structured sentences and utilize correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It is imperative that paralegals proofread their work, use spell check, check for grammatical errors, and focus on proper writing techniques.” To say that being a Paralegal requires good writing skills and good communication is a huge understatement. In order to be a good Paralegal, your writing skills, punctuation, and ability to clearly communicate must be extremely

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