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Optometry and mathematics are two subjects that have captivated my attention for a long time. Mathematics is important in all aspects of your life. The satisfaction that is acquired when a solution to a problem is found is exhilarating. Its clarity, and the fact that you know when you are right. Optometry offers a challenging, interesting and rewarding career path. The scope of optometry continues to grow as new technologies and new treatment for eye disease are developed.
I thoroughly enjoy all my subjects (A-level Mathematics, Biology, AS level Chemistry and ICT) and am confident that I can incorporate the knowledge and skills gained into optometry. Mathematics and the life sciences have been my favourite subjects since GCSE as learning
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Working in Canada Life allowed me to develop my communication skills by talking to customers on the phone and resolving difficult queries. At Ladbrooke JMI School I assisted the class teacher with all classroom tasks. At Kumon I worked as a tutor with pupils of varying ages. This has improved my listening and observational skills; helped me understand how I need to change my method of thinking and adapt my techniques to different situations. It also enabled me to gain the ability to explain ideas and instructions to children. Both experiences improved my organisational and administration skills, the ability to work under pressure to a time limit and independence in tasks. At Mount Grace I have had the responsibility of assisting with school functions such as open evenings and the Old Folks Party. This involved me to be independent and proves me to be responsible and reliable. It has further developed my communication skills and how to communicate with people of all …show more content…
I further explored my interest by under taking work experience at an opticians. This enhanced my passion to study optometry.
Studying Mathematics at university has also been a keen interest of mine as I believe it opens doors to many career pathways, of which teaching is one of them. I have always enjoyed mathematics from an early age. I have a good understanding of the subject and my personal favourite is pure mathematics. The problem solving and techniques used in this subject is fascinating. My aspirations to study Mathematics at a higher level and pursue a career in secondary teaching would be my final goal.
Overall, I consider myself to be a hardworking, enthusiastic and capable individual who is motivated by challenges and will be an asset to your university. I feel that a university degree in Optometry or Mathematics will be a great foundation for a successful career in the

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