Oppression And Building A Growth Mindset Essay

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Oppression and Building a Growth Mindset
There is several traits and concepts that can influence how a student performs in a classroom that impacts motivation as a student. For one oppressive education can challenge someone between growth and a set mindset. In Chapter 2, “The Banking Concept of Education”, of Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, he manifests his view of the education as corrupt. According to him the educational scheme is a “banking system” where he explains to be the wrong approach, and claims that “Problem-Posing education” which he believes in to be more effective and adequate. While in the article, “Brainology Transforming Students Motivation to Learn” by Carol S. Dweck discusses the importance of these two different mindsets for students ' encouragement to learn. The author is convinced that growth mindset leads to great accomplishments. I have learned that positive mindset is always good and that always trying to establish a “problem solving system” with a professor is key to get the most out of learning. Through experience I have discovered this different methods of learning and in a way it has made a positive impact in my life.
Banking education is based on the idea that teachers are ‘narrators and depositors’ while the students are simply receptacles or containers of nothing but information told from the instructor. Freire points out that teachers use their credibility for bad, stating that “In the banking concept of education, knowledge is a…

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