Analysis Of Pedagogy Of The Oppressed By Booker T. Washington

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Booker T. Washington was a strong supporter of the industrial and vocational model of education. His style of education was geared toward educating and advancing the African American race in post-slavery America. He believed that African Americans, especially men, would be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and prove themselves to be worthy contributors, to the white males. In 1895, he delivers the Atlanta Compromise, where he stresses the potential worth of African American men to a predominantly white male audience. Furthermore, Washington’s creation of the Tuskegee Industrial School was the most certain way for black people to advance, by learning skills and establishing a willingness to do manual labor. He believed
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In this form of education, students are disconnected from the teacher and the school, so the teachers task is to fill the students with the contents of his/her narration, which students are detached from. The students, whether they are adults or children, are oppressed through their formal relationship with the educator. He expresses that the banking concept of education places students in the passive role, and the educator in the dominant position, leaving the students as a small mark in the system. In order for the students’ educative experience to be fulfilling, the system must be shaped in a way, which there is no dominator. Like we discussed in class, there has to be a relationship where the student can learn from the teacher, and vice-versa, so that the traditional hierarchical relationship is no longer valid. Therefore, Freire’s problem-posing method the connection between the student and teacher is fluid, and the teacher takes a humanistic approach to …show more content…
DuBois promotes assimilation and meritocracy. The African Americans should assimilate into the white majority society, and should play into their meritocracy. I understand where DuBois comes from when he speaks of how Washington only wants African Americans to survive through submission. While he says that Washington asks that black people give up political power and education, which I don’t think is right. I believe that DuBois asks the Black man to give into the White standard, which can be just as harmful to their growth as a group of people. While Washington doesn’t hold the same value over higher education, he does want to give the majority of African American people something they can be proud of and give to other people. While DuBois is not arguing that everyone attend higher education, Washington knows that higher education is not for everyone, and is giving the “common” man a livelihood. I don’t agree with Washington’s idea that the Black man should prove himself to the White man in order to get a head in life, I commend him on his efforts to provide valuable education to

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