Ontario Is The Right Decision Or Not Essay examples

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Many have been debating whether Ontario has made the right decision or not. Ontario has decided to build 2 new nuclear units at Darlington along with 10 refurbishments at Darlington, Bruce, and Pickering. $33-billion will be spent on nuclear energy and $27-billion for renewable energy along with $12-billion on conservation.

Ontario has proudly stopped using coal for electricity in 2014 and currently has 2 nuclear, 65 hydro, and 3 thermal fleets. These

three types of energy have been used for many decades by Ontario. There are many advantages and disadvantages of all three.

Producing hydro-electricity is actually more harmful than many think. It is true that hydro

plants do not emit as much air pollution as nuclear and thermal electricity, but that does not make it eco–friendly. In fact, the building of dams can cause serious disturbance to the animals living in that area. Some fish die off from being restricted to go where they are safe, can sleep, lay their eggs, or find food. Problems like this are being solved as soon as they can be. For example, fish ladders have been put where hydro-electricity plants are so that the dam does not restrain fish in that area. Hydropower plants also need large open sources of water and with sixty-five dams already in Ontario, it is difficult to find a place to build new ones.

Thermal-electricity, one of the most traditional ways to produce electricity, is one of the most harmful ways due to the fact that burning fossil…

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