Essay about Online Dating Vs. Traditional Dating

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Online dating serves as a way to connect strangers to get to know each other with expectation that these two strangers could be soul mates. That is the main purpose of using online dating sites in the beginning, to help people to find their partner for life. This intention still is the main reason people join online dating, but overtime, alternative motivations are also visible as the reason people having account in online dating sites becomes a more casual way. For instance, finding someone for having a brief encounter, reducing boredom, seeking new friends without having intention to be in a romantic relationship, as a way to adapt in a new environment, and so many more (Couch & Liamputtong, 2008). Casual encounter is quite popular at present, as virtual world provides more playful space area for meeting new people (Whitty & Carr, 2006; Couch & Liamputtong, 2008). It seems really appealing to have someone outside the circle that people can casually talk to or flirt with without having an actual relationship, which could be quite intimidating for some people. Boredom also serves as a motivation to use online dating sites. It is understandable when people feel unenthusiastic into a certain event, they need something to escape from that situation and talking to stranger, sometimes, seems to be the easiest way to do. Moreover, it is a common knowledge nowadays that people use online dating sites to find someone for hangout in a short period of time, like hookups. It can serve…

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