Online Courses For College Or Universities Essay example

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Students enrolling in college or universities today, have a completely new choice than last generation as to how they can pursue their degree. The choice given to them is taking classes the traditional method, by attending classes physically, or taking classes online, or a combination of both. Education differs today than in years past, giving students a whole new option to further their studies according to their own schedule, or by attending class in a traditional manner. According to the market research company, re:fuel, the percent of students taking online courses has nearly doubled over the last five years from 23% to 45%. Students taking online courses also average two per term. Regardless of how a student chooses to obtain their education, either traditional or online is purely up to the individual. Traditional method offers structure, teacher facetime, and a sense of community. Online courses give more flexibility in scheduling, a more individualized pace, and anonymity. Traditional and online education differ in the style and forum used but are similar in the outcome of subjects studied and a final evaluation. Traditional classroom education on campus offers a diverse experience depending on the teacher’s style of teaching. The personality of the teacher will usually dictate the setting of the classroom atmosphere, along with the personalities of other students. It can be a strict lecture setting, or a more intimate group participation setting usually…

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