Essay Online Communication Through Social Media

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Online communication through social media has attain global popularity. In today’s high tech society, staying connected with friends and family closeby and faraway could not be any simpler. "Social media technologies have been integrated into students’ lives", says Rutledge, and "impacts how they relate to the world" (Rutledge). This somewhat unlimited access to one another can have its positive and negative effects on those that use it. Author Sherry Turkle’s book “Alone Together” sheds a new light on the effects of social media. Her writing mentions the development of personality and the barriers that social media presents which allows people to easily disconnect from another. In Clive Thompson’s “The dumbest generation? No, Twitter is making kids smarter” article, he explores the positive result social networks have on academic writing skills throughout the generations. Although these technological advances have made people more accessible to others and encouraging better writing skills, it is also keeping them farther apart and harming face-to-face social interaction skills.
Both authors bring up the positive impacts of social networking in their writings. Turkle reminds the reader that social media is a tool “to defend us against loneliness”, to create intense connections that also help us create newer, better selves (Turkle 23). By writing a 13,000 page gaming tutorial, the 14 year old gamer in Clive Thompson’s article shows that others seek out connections with those…

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