Online Classes Vs. Traditional Classes Essay

957 Words Mar 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Today’s ever growing technology advancements make it easier for students to get a better education. Students now have the opportunity to take online courses rather than traditional classes. This is something students should take into consideration when picking a college/university. There are many debates on whether or not online courses are appropriate and/or should be diminished. Some people believe that the traditional way of learning should be the only way because that is how students have always learned. But what if the traditional way is not the right way for a particular student? He or she may find it easier to learn on their own and at their own pace. In my experience, I believe online classes are more beneficial for students than traditional classes because they provide more flexibility, less distraction and more engagement in participation, and overall, it creates a comfortable learning environment. One beneficial factor of taking an online class rather than a traditional class is the flexibility aspect of it. Students are given a list of assignments and a deadline in which those assignments are to be completed. On that note, students have the ability to work faster or pace themselves as long as the assignments are being completed on time. Some students find this aspect to be convenient if they have a job or family responsibilities to take care of as online classes will mold to fit their schedule, not the other way around. However, traditional classes…

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