Online Business Expansion Essay

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Task 1: Develop an online business expansion proposal.

1. Viability of product or service

This proposal is to develop an online presence for Simply Asia (Simply Asia Foods, LLC). Simply Asia is a neighborhood restaurant that serves Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine in the Grand Prairie/I-20 area where this author resides. The restaurant is famous for its authentic rendition of the three very distinct Asian culinary styles for very affordable price, great service and family-friendly atmosphere. The restaurant currently has good size customer base, loyal, repeat customers who either live or work around the area. Simply Asia’s quality menu and affordable price are its best assets. The restaurant has a great potential to
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Once they have enough information, would-be customers make informed decisions and eventually perform online transactions in just a matter of minutes.

Online presence along with e-Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can also allow Simply Asia to stay in touch with its customer-base to keep them interested, engaged, and excited and keep them coming back to dine in the restaurant. The future website can include customer-feedback pages that can feed data to popular review sites or even social media. Once the website is up and running, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be effectively utilized to improve the site’s visibility to the public. Simply Asia can also manage and update their online menu and quickly communicate new items in their menu offering, promotions and any upcoming special event to their email subscribers.

Setting up online presence can initially be challenging not to mention the additional costs it can entail to start-up and maintain. New technology can be intimidating to some people due to lack of knowledge and experience. A restaurant owner may not necessarily be as adept with technology as he is with managing the restaurant or coming up with a new menu item. Simply Asia’s management may require the services of a website builder and/or an internet marketing company to customize its online marketing

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