Essay about Online Books Vs. Books

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Reading traditional books and electronic books, both make an excellent and effective way of reading. E-book 's are not looking to put one over the other, but simply to show the advantages and shortcomings of each other. It is worth mentioning the eBooks will not remove the traditional books. So often people seem to assume either that e-books will soon drive their dinosaur-like cousin to extinction, or that print books will outlast e-books and prove them to be nothing but a flashy, inferior imitation. In reality, of course neither of these outcomes is likely, and both misrepresent what actually appears to be happening in the books market today (Emma Cueto, January, 2015). Many fear that traditional books will disappear, because most people now choose to buy electronic books other then go purchase one at the bookstore. They do not realize that e-books are making things easier for human society, especially those that travel constantly and love to read.

Reading an e-book has many advantages over reading traditional books. Electronic books are now much easier to read, because technology has helped us to adjust and customize the size of the text. Allowing those that have problems reading to understand and visualize better. For example, on an e-book you can highlight passages, write notes, and bookmark pages. That way you can return to previous pages and summarize your notes much easier. On traditional books you can also highlight, write notes, but you can 't bookmark pages.…

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