One Thousand Twenty Nine Miles Essay

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One Thousand Twenty-Nine Miles “Moving is easy, but what you leave behind is what makes it hard,” by My Dear Valentine. Moving across the country from home and everything I knew was a huge learning experience in my life. I fell in love, realized my values in life, and excitedly went to a great college and a new home. I learned how to adapt very quickly and how exciting life can be if you do what makes you happy even when the outcome is impossible to know Life is an adventure and you should never have to ask yourself “What if?” I would like to think I was not a sheltered child, but unfortunately I was. I lived with my grandmother and her boyfriend my last year of high school because my mom was a state away, making life better for us by earning more money. I like to think I was my grandma’s favorite; she would get me basically anything as long as I needed it instead of wanted. I never really had to fend for myself in any situation that came my way; I always had family help and the resources I needed. Nevertheless, even if I had a great family and friends, kids at my high school always found a great reason to put me down. I quickly developed depression and was soon sent to a counselor every week and put on medication. In February of 2015, I met a girl named Alexus on social media. I was glad I finally had a good friend in my life because honestly, most of my friends were two faced or high all of their lives. Her and I became close ridiculously quickly and after knowing each…

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