Example Of Narrative Essay On Alzheimer's

I was lying on the beach listening to the seagulls squawk and the waves crash. I ran my fingers with chipped robin egg blue nail polish through the sand, I had known something was wrong, so I wasn’t surprised. I just didn’t know how to react. My parents read my blank emotion as grief, but honestly, I was just tired. Sharing a mattress with my little brother took a lot of work, and there was a flock of birds outside of my tent that held a concert around 6 am this morning. My brother paused for a moment, and then asked if he could still build a sand castle. My dad nodded yes, before getting up with him and running down the hill to chase the waves. My mom sat there looking at me before saying
“She’s going to be fine, Rhiannon.”
“I know” I replied.
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She could always cover up her flaws because she was always so strong, independant, and witty. But as time went I watched her strength deteriorate, but everyone assured me that it was just the chemo, and that she was fine.After she had been in and out of the hospital for the past year I noticed her wit regress.
I was never specifically told that my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer 's, but I knew. She showed all the symptoms, and my parents, aunt, and uncle never tried to hide it. I wasn’t upset about it either. We had never been that close to her, and she had never made an effort to have a relationship with me. Sometimes my mom and I visit her, and then leave. On our way home we will get a phone call from her crying asking why we haven’t visited her in so long.
It had been about about 6 months since my grandma had finished chemotherapy when Her sister came from Hawaii, where they grew up. We went out for dinner that night to Sierra Nevada, where my Aunt works. I sat next to my grandma that night where she had a marvelous time, until we had our pictures taken. My grandma looked at the picture on her camera, and burst into tears. My grandpa asked her what was wrong and she shook her head saying “I’m not beautiful anymore”. I wasn’t sure how to react, I handed her a tissue and sat there, desperately trying to appear like I barely
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When I tell people this they always apologize to me and talk about how much stress I must be under, but the truth is that I’m not the one under any stress, my parents are. I want to feel sad about it, and I feel guilty that I’m not, but the truth is I was never very close them. My grandma always sent me to sit at the same bench outside in her garden or in the same corner in her library, where I was only allowed to touch the books on three specific shelves. My grandma met my grandpa after I was born, and they were married two years later. My grandpa has always loved me and treated me like his own, but he has never been able to do much because his legs haven 't worked since I’ve known him. When my brother and I were little my grandma asked my mom to stop bringing us over to visit them because she didn’t want us to break anything fragile in her house. She never made an attempt to learn anything new about our interests, and if she didn’t approve of something any of us said she would embarrass us. She didn’t mean to, she just didn’t realize what she was doing. I still love her, but I don’t feel connected to

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