Shooting An Elephant By George Orwell

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George Orwell’s “Shooting an Elephant” (Orwell, 2012), tells us a story about going against our inner beliefs due to peer pressure. Orwell goes after a wild elephant that is rampaging the town he polices. During the chase he finds a dead villager and decides to get his gun. Upon finding the elephant, who is calm at this point, he decides not to shoot it. However, the huge crowd of villagers are demanding he take action against the beast. Orwell finally decides he can’t go against what is expected of him and shoots the elephant whom dies a slow painful death. Although I didn’t kill an elephant I did succumb to peer pressure by skipping class with a friend that ended in me running away from home.
While walking to class one day, my friend
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While sitting at Dawn’s house, talking to the boys, I was thinking this was a bad idea slowly getting worse. I didn’t have much time to dwell on it, because at that moment Dawn’s father drove up the house. We all ran out the back door of the house and jumped into the driver’s car and speed away. Dawn’s father saw us and raced after us in his car. He chased us and tried to make us pull over several times. His car was overpowering ours, so we pulled into a gas station. Dawn got out and went to talk to her father. He demanded she get into the car with him and they speed away. Now, I was all alone with three guys I scarcely knew and too frightened to go home. I resolved to call my mother and see how furious she was with me. The phone rang and she answered on the first ring. She demanded to know where I was and started yelling at me for skipping class and running off. I informed her I wasn’t coming home unless she agreed to not punish me. She started hollering more so I hung up the phone. The boys ended up driving me to my best friend’s house, she had agreed to let me spend the night. As I was sitting there watching TV she left to go to the store for some items. A little while later there was a knock on the door, I got up to answer it and as I opened the door, there stood my mother in front of me alongside my best friend. My first reaction was anger and betrayal from my friend. My mother stood there yelling at me for what I had done but I wasn’t hearing her words, I was focusing on the anguish in her eyes. The pain of losing me, the relief of having me back, and fear that it would happen again. I quickly hugged her and promised that it would never happen again. Relieved the whole day was over and I was safely at home, I vowed to never skip class again. I underwent a transformation from a carefree teenager to a young adult that day as George Orwell

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