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Health Promotion of American Indians
Hollye Parks
Grand Canyon University
Family Centered Health Promotion
Jessica Peters
February 27, 2016

Health Promotion of American Indians
From the beginning of the formation of our country, the American Indians have been robbed of their land, employment, income, education, and health care. The American government promised to provide the American Indians with health coverage in exchange for land. The government also used this as a way of keeping up with how many natives there were and to protect the population from the spread of infectious diseases. Today, the Bureau of Indian Affairs controls the health care services for the American Indian population, which has had many complaints
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“Access to health care is determined by four major factors of health care coverage: affordability, availability, accessibility, and acceptability.” (Office of General Counsel U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 2004, p. 16) Health care for the Native Americans has been made affordable, but specific criteria must be met before having access. “Some argue that the eligibility requirements are established to exclude and not to extend health care services to Native Americans.” (Office of General Counsel U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 2004, p. 17)
Many socioeconomic issues keep the American Indians from disease promotion and prevention. “It is significant to note that American Indians/Alaska Natives frequently contend with issues that prevent them from receiving quality medical care. These issues include cultural barriers, geographic isolation, inadequate sewage disposal, and low income.”(Centers for Disease Control [CDC], 2016, p. 1) In order for the Native Americans to gain quality health, substantive changes need to take place. Our health care system needs to reach out to this minority group and help educate on quality health care and create good health resources for them.
A good approach for health promotion prevention in this community is an increase focus on public health. Communication needs to be channeled throughout this community. “Health communication campaigns have been successfully used to build knowledge within Native communities about

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