Essay on Old Boys, Old Girls, By Edward P. Jones

858 Words Apr 26th, 2016 4 Pages
In this life, nobody is a perfect person. They can have a little mistake or a big mistake; however, one important thing is how they fix that. Especially, everybody should have responsibility what they do. When they have a good environment to change and the best education, they can fix easily. However, when they do not have a good environment, they are getting worse and worse. The murderer is one of the serious crime and of course, a murderer have to send to jail. For example, the character, Caesar, in “Old Boys, Old Girls, is a murderer when he killed two man and he have go to the jail. That is a short story with a main character is a prisoner, Caesar. This story is a full color picture about the life of Caesar in the prison and out the prison. In “Old Boys, Old Girls”, Edward P. Jones show about the society in the prison is very chaotic. In there, people to be corrupted by that environment and became violent when the systems in the prison do not make people better. This problem cause is the murderer can not re-connect to society when they get out of the prison. Firstly, the life is not happy of Caesar when he is the pre-prisoner. Caesar is a bad guys. He is a robber and drug pusher. He left his father house early when he was sixteen. Nobody want to become a bad guys, but the life can meet a trouble.“The world had done things to Caesar since he’d left his father’s house good at sixteen,”(1). However, the picture of his mother is always the beautiful memory in his heart,…

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