Prison Overcrowding

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Prison Overcrowding
Sepehr Sadrameli
Dr.Dionne Peniston
Courts Systems & Practices
Fall 2016

Identification of the problem
Prison overcrowding is a common problem in different countries throughout the world including the United States. It refers to a phenomenon that occurs when demand for prison spaces in a particular jurisdiction exceeds the capacity of the institutions (Hough, Allen & Solomon, 2008). Prison overcrowding occurs when courts in a country when the rate of incarceration exceeds the rate at which the justice system releases prisoners, or the prisoners die thus freeing up space for new entrants. In the United States, prison overcrowding has reached a crisis level as it becomes ubiquitous and
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First, it increases the cost of managing the correctional facilities thus increasing the financial burden on the population. A report entitled “the price of prisons” in 2010 established that the average cost of maintaining a single prisoner was $31,307 in a year with the cost being as high as $50,000 in some states such as Washington. Prison overcrowding increases the cost owing to the problems it presents to the prisoners. It worsens the sanitation in prisons for example thus enhances the risk of communicable diseases like tuberculosis and HIV among others. The spread of illness in prison increases the cost of maintaining the facilities thus denying the country valuable resources it could employ in improving the quality of education, health care and security among other essential services to the …show more content…
The phenomenon has increased the risk of both violence and protests in the prisons thus leading to the death and injury of productive members of the public. Prison riots cause injuries and death to both the prisoners and the citizens working in the facilities. Furthermore, the crowded facilities offer perfect training grounds for terrorism and radicalization which are the two most serious problem the country continues to face (Yousman, 2009). Prison overcrowding has increased the cost of maintaining correctional facilities in the country thus increasing the tax burden in the country. Members of the community lose valuable resources they could employ in enhance the country’s health care, education and security among

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