The Pros And Cons Of Solitary Punishment

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Register to read the introduction… Jeffrey L. Metzner, MD .(Metzner) Humans are naturally social creatures. There are distinct patterns that show we are drawn to others. Even when two people walk together, and don’t know each other, they tend to walk at the same pace, in the same ways. When a person is in solitary confinement they are locked up most of the day and only allowed out for an hour to exercise. Some exercise pens are outside but others are just a little room inside. This means many prisoners don’t see day light the whole time they are in confinement. They are not allowed to converse with others. They eat their meals alone in their rooms. Absolutely no one to talk with except letters, they receive in the mail. Dr. Merzner states that “suicides happen more often in solitary confinement wards them anywhere else in the prison”. (Merzner) Unfortunately there are so many people in these wards that Psychiatrist, don’t have the time to have long sit downs with each person. So all they do is walk by your cell and ask how you are doing. Maria Godoy author or the article, Solitary Confinement & Human Rights, says that after speaking with Jamie Fellner, director of the U.S. program for Human Rights Watch, she found that “estimated 25,000 prisoners are held in solitary confinement, …show more content…
People actually get more violent the longer they are in. People need interaction even if it is in an insurgent way. They are very attentive to the ways others around them get attention. Listening for any sign that someone is coming near. People will cause disruption, on purpose even if it hurts their selves, to get the attention their soul craves. Like a child who is being ignored, they will act out. Torture At Home: Documentary On Solitary Confinement in U.S. Prisons Misses the Mark is an article written by Alexandra Smith, about a documentary on isolation in prison, by National Geographic’s. Smith states options by Dr. Stuart Grassian, a psychologist, “Grassian discusses movingly how the most vulnerable individuals, in most need of support, tend to end up in solitary confinement. The isolation has a worsening effect on people, he explained, leading them to exhibit more impulsive, violent behavior as a result.” People, who are left alone all day, tend to develop their own form of right and wrong. This causes behaviors to worsen the longer they are in isolation. Prisons systems use this punishment to “break down” the individual, so they will follow the rules and not feel any empathy for how they are feeling. The sad reality is it actually makes they person worse off in the behavioral area then when they entered. One man actually started freaking out in his cell so the guards would tear gas the

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