Good Time-Personal Narrative

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Growing up in a small community where the county fair every October was the biggest event in town all year, I thought I knew what it was to live in the middle of nowhere and making up outlandish ideas for fun. That was until I moved to good ole Newark, Ohio; where I would make the revelation that I indeed had no inclination about what people could come up with to be designated the term a good time, considering I had never heard of the hellacious event, Mud Fest. My fiancé has always been interested in big, lifted, and modified trucks, and I have grown to accept this; at times to my amazement, I enjoy going down rough terrain and muddy, deserted trails. So, when the day came that he asked me if I would like to go to an off roading event that was being held not too far from us, I said yes; thinking it would be the usual adventure that I …show more content…
I brought an extra pair of clothes, close-toed shoes, and adult beverages of my choice. All of my friends had been raving about what a good time it was going to be the whole week, so I was indeed excited at this point! We packed up the truck ready for this new adventure, and headed on our way. I knew we were getting way out, into what I would consider the boonies, when all the signs said county road, and there was no hint of life as far as the eye could see. Actually, I would not have known if there was life due to the fact that, all I could see were trees surrounding us in every direction. At this moment, we were convinced we had made a wrong turn, and we were indubitably lost; thinking we should just turn around, and the day was ruined. Just then, we passed a truck drenched from front to back, top to bottom, with mud. We gave each other a look of excitement and continued on our way; our fears shattered by the sighting of what had to be an attendee of this

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