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Maryland, in the year 1984.
I was a 15-year-old teenager growing up in Reisterstown, Maryland - a town about an hour away from Baltimore. I was just like any other red-blooded American male teenager growing up in 1980's America. I liked video games and Pac- Man, loved "Star Wars" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark", tried my hand at the Rubik's cube, and was concerned about the USSR and nuclear war. Oh yes, I,like millions of other teenagers loved good rock music and was just beginning to discover MTV.

Before my parents got cable and MTV, I watched this other program that played music videos. I believe it was called "Friday Night Videos" and it was great stuff. I eagerly watched and enjoyed great music videos. Bands such as "Van Halen", "Def Leppard"
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Prince's hairstyle was even different, it was straight and combed down. In the "Raspberry Beret video, there are scenes of Prince and his bandmates performing in a very colorful, artistic background with equally colorfully dressed fans cheering and dancing to their music. Also in the video, there are occasionally "cartoons" and artistic animations which shed some art and creativity onto the video. For me, both the song and video were very catchy and before long I was humming the song on a constant basis and replayed the video in my head frequently.

Flash forward to the spring of 1986, Prince by now had released a new album - "Parade", accompanied by a new single - "Kiss". Once again in the "Kiss" video, Prince changed his image and style. This time, instead of the "Purple Rain" bad boy image, or the "Raspberry Beret" Beatles-like image; Prince had slicked-back hair, wore very tight pants and even a short shirt which only covered the top part of his torso, exposing his stomach. His vocal style in this video was also different, instead of using his normal singing voice,

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