High School Classroom Observation

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Throughout my academic programs at Florida Gulf Coast University I have had multiple observations. These observations range from mere observing students to being a tutor with bilingual students.

Each class would have 15 observation hours to undergo dealing with elementary through high school education giving me an understanding of the needs for level of education whether it be academically or environmentally structured. There’s an academic structural need in the teaching field whether it’s the certified teacher; bilingual teacher; primary, secondary, Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) and higher up educators. We as student educators can becomes those teachers with the property educational training, attitude and motivation.

As an aftercare
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I first was interested in education during middle school when I started volunteering at my old summer camp. Little did I know that I would be creating my own lesson plans and class activities?

I worked with third through fifth graders. I also volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club .The ages range from kindergarten to High school. Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club for two summers provided me with knowledgeable information on the surrounding community so that I could better assist in provided a sound, academic and structural environment for the kids.

During high school, as a peer educator my interest in mental heal counseling was enforced greatly. We learned to console student who had behavior problems with each other. Counseling took place one-on-one or in a group.

As a Junior, and succeedded by my senior year at Florida Gulf Course University, I worked and am working different organizations called Eagles Educators and Students for Children. Eagles Educators is an organization for education majors attending school. Students for Children is an organization that helps kids within the surrounding community area with supplies, mentorship, homework, and social
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I also had tutored students who were second language learners that struggled with understanding the English concept as a whole. One of my students could not recognize letters sounds, could not read leathers, and, he would literally break down.

In concluding, I have a passion/goal for educating those who are in need of an education, and in helping them to achieve their goals in succeeding to the next level of success. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and we as achieving educators are to make sure that this does not happen to our children of tomorrow.

We as educators must be diverse in our teaching, accepting and valuing all students from diverse cultures and linguistic backgrounds all with dignity and equitably. It is our responsibility to provide a comprehensible and academically structured learning environment for our students with enriched and planned activities to utilize. My plan is to have a strong foundation in place that utilizes educational materials which are geared to various stages in the child’s

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