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Register to read the introduction… This time I observed the child’s behaviors and development. Since she has started walking, she has now become more exploratory. She is constantly going from one place to another. She has also started learning more words and expressions. According to Piaget, the child is in the sensorimotor stage because she is exploring and is increasing her vocabulary. I noticed that she:

• tries to open doors
• can sit on chairs without falling
• will say words like mommy, my name, “papa” for hungry, no, etc
• she will say words repetitively

Feeding Time

Feeding time has become a challenge for my friend. It usually takes at least 45 minutes or more to feed her daughter. She becomes an actress because she daughter likes to play and eat. From observation, I have noticed that the child is in the Tertiary Circular Reaction sub-stage because she always throwing her toys on the floor and looks for a reaction or response from her mother. This in on-going. My friend has also given her a pan during meals with a spoon. She bangs the objects together and continues to do so until her mother takes them away. What I have noticed is that she:

• likes loud noises
• will throw toys to the floor
• bang toys together repeatedly

Sunday, October 8, 2006 at 3:30 pm -5:15
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She can sing some parts of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” some alphabet letters, and numbers.
She still uses the usual words but she is now aware of right and wrong when she is prompted by her mother. She has developed social referencing as well. She tripped on small branch and immediately looked to her mother for a reaction. Her mother does not over exaggerate but will comfort her when she falls or hurts herself.
Her eating has also improved, her mother now gives her utensils to help her eat by herself. She still has problems with the concept, but is learning. Her daughter has not yet learned to potty without her diaper but has showed more interest. Altogether, the child is a fun-loving little girl who is learning very quickly and is enjoying every minute of it. There were times when she was cranky and was upset for doing things that were dangerous to her, but she has no problems with behavior or temperament.

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