Objectives Of Developing A Strategic Plan Essay example

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The goal of developing a strategic plan is to increase creation of a competitive advantage which involves the aggregation of factors which sets the small business apart from the other competitors so as to give it a unique market position which is more superior than its competition (Gordon, Ian 1989). The main key towards success of any business is development of a unique competitive advantage which creates more value for their clients and one that is difficult for duplication by competitors. By DISH Network gaining a competitive advantage, it will become a leader in the Television and cable market thus achieving above average profits.
Michael Porter states that “creating a competitive advantage alone is not sufficient enough; the path to success that covers a wider scope of time is developing a sustainable competitive advantage.” DISH Network can gain sustainable competitive advantage by developing a set of core competencies which will enable the company to serve its client base better compared to the rivals in the market. The core competencies are the unique set of capabilities which the company can constitute in major areas like superior quality, service to customers, innovation, team building, response speed, service flexibility etc. which make the company perform better than the competitors. These are the main ideas central to a company’s ability to compete successfully and are usually the result of important skills and lessons a business has learned over time.
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