Obesity Is A Major Problem Throughout The World Essay examples

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Over the last few decades, obesity has become a major problem throughout the world. The United States’ population has been known to struggle most notoriously with obesity. In basic terms, weight is measured by body mass index or BMI. When a person has gone above their recommended BMI for their height and age, they may be considered overweight or obese. Not only is obesity common in adults, but also in children and adolescents. Many factors ranging from lack of education to fast food restaurants have been proven to be the cause of this ongoing epidemic. In 2010, a documentary was released called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. The documentary followed an Australian native named Joe Cross who had decided to make drastic changes in his life for the good of his own health and well-being. Cross was considered obese for his age and had been cursed with a disease called chronic urticaria for nine years. After his doctor warned him that his unhealthy ways would lead him to death at an early age, Cross decided to perform a 60-day juice fast that consisted of only fruits and vegetables. As he fasted, he spent 30 days in New York City and 30 days traveling across the United States to talk to people and educate them on the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Cross explained the importance of micronutrients which are found in fruits and vegetables and how they aid in the body’s natural functions. Not knowing about what gets put into our bodies when we eat is one of the main reasons…

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