Is America Healthy Or Unhealthy Essay

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It’s Your Choice: Healthy or Unhealthy? America is not just only the country with the most gyms, but it is also the country with the highest obesity rates. Approximately 78.6 million American adults and 12.7 million children and adolescents are obese. Over the past several years, overweight, obesity and unhealthy eating habits have increased gradually and now poses a major health problem. A person who is overweight has a body mass index or commonly known as BMI, of 25 to 30. In addition, for an obese person, it can range from 30 to over 40. It may eventually lead to serious health conditions such as Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even respiratory problems. It is easier for people to blame others, such as fast food restaurants and the …show more content…
Jane E. Brody explains in his article, Attacking the Obesity Epidemic by First Figuring Out Its Causes, he had to walk for long distances to get what he needed and there are no vending machines on hisway (40). This is clearly true in America and in other parts of the world during the 1950’s, but now America has certainly changed. Joggers and people walking with dogs are rarely seen in these days and fast food restaurants are in every corner. One of the reasons that Americans do not walk is due to the increase in availability in automobiles. Automobiles are so convenient because people reach their destination faster without getting exhausted and can stop at multiple corner stores and or vending machines. In addition, when people go shopping, the driver looks for the closest parking to avoid walking. If person could take their vehicles in the store he or she would. Vehicles are a good source of transportation and are necessary to go to and from your job, however people can choose to walk to local stores or simply take a walk in their neighborhood on

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