Argumentative Essay About Obesity

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Obesity is a growing epidemic on a global scale, especially in the United States. Throughout the years, the social norms of cheap but high-calorie food has grown because of easy access, the sedentary lifestyle has drastically increased, and portion sizes have dramatically increased. Some would be lazy about the solutions with the way society is now, which in reality are the excuses for not wanting to change. For instance people talk about the excuses on how time, money, controlling portions, and not being motivated to live a healthy lifestyle is not attainable, but if you look it at, it really is. To prove that, I will debunk each of those excuses and show that obesity is indeed reversible.
What is obesity? It’s when someone who is so
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The situation is that nowadays cooking is seen like a chore and a an immense bore while if you want the easy way out, grabbing fast food which is a pleasurable relief and a clutch to hold on. For what Julie Guthman says is that “ People really are stressed out with all that they have to do and don’t have to cook. in particular, their reaction is, “Let me enjoy what I want to eat and stop telling me what to do” (New York Times- …show more content…
Examples from the article 6 Solutions to a Sedentary Lifestyle are that you can stand up more, change that traditional video game into activity one. ex. WiiFit. Also if you have a chance, walk around with your phone in hand or take the stairs instead of an elevator. (6 Solutions...)There are so manys that you can reduce living that lifestyle. Again, most of these solutions are simple or you choose the rigorous way by maintaining the habit of going to the gym but if you look at it, you will be increasing your life expectancy, lose a few pounds and be stress free about being overweight or

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