Poverty And Obesity Essay

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Poverty impact on Obesity Over the years, the U.S. has seen a tremendous increase in the obesity rates in both children and adults. Many have stopped to question what is causing this increase. Researchers have found that poverty links to obesity, leading to a huge impact in the obesity epidemic. Because poor people can not afford a healthy lifestyle, obesity rates are increasing, and it’s affecting humans health. Obesity is a topic that many people are recently talking about, but what is obesity? Obesity is having too much body mass or being overweight. It is also defined as having too much weight that is considered unhealthy for the height. Obesity rates are growing constantly in children, adults, and the elderly. According to a journal …show more content…
One way is because many low income families are not able to afford healthy foods or do not have transportation to go to a grocery store. According to Food Research and Action center, poor people don’t have access to full-grocery stores and farmers markets where they can purchase high-quality and fresh food. The USDA states “vehicle access is perhaps the most important determinant of whether or not a family can access affordable and nutritious food” (qtd. in FRAC) . This in fact shows that low income people have poor access to fresh food because they don’t have transportation to buy the right food, which leads them to buy unhealthy food which is contributing to obesity. Low income families also have low limited food budgets and healthy food is expensive for some. This leads them to purchase food that will last longer instead of foods that are fresh because they are not able to afford the right food. Lee Hedwig, a professor of sociology, states “Family choose high-fat foods dense with energy- food such as sugars, cereals, potatoes, and processed meat products- because these foods are more affordable and last longer than fresh vegetables and fruits”. The bottom line is that families will buy high fat food because that what they can afford instead of purchasing fresh vegetables and fruits. Energy dense food has low nutrients and high calories which is causing people to gain weight and be obese. Another way poverty links to obesity is …show more content…
Fast food restaurants are everywhere, and they are affordable. They contain unhealthy food that is causing obesity. Retzel said “Fast food is specifically design to be affordable, appealing and convenient” (qtd. in Yousef). Fast food is affordable and low income families will purchase them because they can afford them. Those foods can be unhealthy if people decide to eat them everyday. Karanam quotes “As a kid, you want to have fun and eat greasy food, and it 's not that bad. It’s when you get used to it and it will become a habit and that’s when it 's dangerous” (qtd. in Yousef). In other words, when people eat fast food it 's not that bad but if people constantly eat fast food, which contains greasy food, then it can be bad for them. Food Research and Action center points out, fast foods are energy dense, don’t contain the right amount of nutrients, and are high in calories.This proves that fast food restaurants are not good for the body and if they are eaten constantly it can cause weight gain. Low income families also tend to work long hours in order to get money. Trisha Tebo, a hotel and restaurant management, states “When you’re in a low income area and you have to work longer, fast food is an option because it’s fast and cheap” (qtd. in Yousef). Tebo is saying that low income areas are working longer, so the option of food they have are fast food restaurant because they are affordable and fast. If that

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