Effects Of Fast Food Essay

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Today, fast food becomes the first choice of the world community, especially the students that are still studying which is starting from kindergarten until university. Based on the latest data onto 2011 until 2012 of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHES) , They found that kids and adolescence ate an average of 12.4% of their daily calories from fast food. What is fast food ? Why students love to eat fast food ? Why this could be even though is not good for themselves ? So, existence of fast food restaurant is the main cause illness and results of poor finance of students.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) , it is characterized as quick, easily to accessible and cheap alternatives to home-cooked meals. According
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For this problem , there are many negative effects of eating fast food for student lifestyle . The effect of existence of fast food restaurant is in aspect student's finance . When there are many fast food restaurants around , the probability for students want to buy the fast food is high because not far from their place . If they feel hungry , they just start their transport and go to the restaurant . It just only takes 15 minutes to buy it of just delivery the fast food . Because of that , students like to eat fast food . The fast food price is affordable . But , for the students , the price of fast food is expensive if they always take fast food in every meal such as breakfast , lunch and dinner . For example, for one meal , the price of fast food usually rm 5 and above . Rm 5.00 usually can use for buy food for lunch and dinner and the quantity of calories of food is lower than fast food and can save money for other use . For example, Pizza Hut has to make promotion using social media to spread their promotion which Is the price of small pizza for taking away is RM 5 . As a normal human , students will attract to the promotion and spend their money to buy it and same goes to McDonalds . McDonald's has to make promotions which are two combinations of fast food only RM 5.99 . This make student wants to buy because they think the price is cheap such as combination of McChicken with apple pie only RM 5.99 …show more content…
When the students especially the kindergarten and primary school sees the advertisement on the screen , they want to try it because it's looking so colorful and delicious . Moreover , fast food restaurant gives a free toy when buy the fast food . The advertisement on the social media makes them want to buy fast food frequently because want to collect all the toys . Because of this , each fast food meal have served high quantity of salt , sugar and calories who can affect their body weight and becomes obesity if not control their fast food intake . According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) , the obesity is when the body mass index (BMI ) is 30.0 or higher . What is BMI ? BMI is a calculation of the height and weight . There are also a category of extreme obesity which is defined as a BMI of 40 . Furthermore , according to the Obesity Action Coalition ( OAC ) reports that the number of fast food restaurant has doubled since 1970 , a period during the number of obese Americans also doubled . Obesity increases the likelihood of heart disease , high blood pressure , kidney disease , diabetes , joint problems and more . Fast food also will cause constipation . Fast food typically lacks of fiber . The less fiber children consume , the more likely they are to develop constipation , which is can cause pain and discomfort . Next , the high content of sugar in fast food causes

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