Oakfield Community College Case Study

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This paper examines the case study of Oakfield Community College (OCC), which is located in the Midwest rural area and has three campus locations in the state. OCC is one of 12 community colleges in the state and offers both day and evening classes, and credit and no-credit programs. In addition, enrichment opportunities are offered at local high schools. The student demographic is comprised of 90% White, 10% minority students with 51% female and 49% male. Additionally, Oakfield has a student body of 16,000, and the vast majority of these students are from low-income families, and first-generation students. The college’s operating budget is $70 million, which is comprised of 51% local property taxes, 14% state aid, 11% auxiliary enterprises, and 24% tuition and fees. For the past decade, funding has been either frozen or reduced. Residual funding from property taxes are expected to fill in the shortages. The college relies on the district’s mill levy to supplement the budget shortfalls. The college also receives an annual increase in tuition of about 5%. Thus, if the state board continues to increase the tuition, this could potentially affect affordability, which can …show more content…
The president and the board agree that OCC should seek external funding to support future projects. As such, it is now your responsibility to coordinate these departments to secure external funding.
First, you should begin by meeting with the president and the board to gain a better understanding of the projects in which you are seeking funding. Additionally, a meeting should be scheduled with the three departments that report to you. This meeting will be held to communicate the new goals for the departments, determine personnel responsibilities, data requests, and whether or not any other changes are

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