Nursing Shortage Is A Shortage Of Nurses Essay

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Nursing is a dynamic profession of providing care for infirm and sick individuals. This profession exists due to the demands of society. One major problem society is facing today is a shortage of nurses. Lois Berry and Paul Curry (2012) state, “by the year 2022, there will be a need of 60 000 full time registered nurses (p.35). Berry and Curry note that the number of nurses will decrease by 2022. A nurse shortage is defined in relation to the current unmet demands for present nurses and student nurses. Nursing shortages are becoming a concern worldwide. The causes for this shortage are complex, some of which include, an aging workforce, a population of the baby boomers, new better paying jobs in technology, and job distress. The demand for nurses is directly related to the demand for healthcare services. Our aging population is rapidly increasing, thus causing a demand for healthcare services and nurses. As the current aging workforce of nurses is caring for the growing number of elderly individuals, the challenge of replacing nurses becomes an issue. There is a high demand for nurses, but not enough supply. The global nursing shortage is causing many negative effects on the healthcare system and the population.
The topic for this report is familiar to healthcare workers, and most patients who visit the hospital regularly. It can be dated back to the 1800’s when there were no available nursing students from the upper classes of society, and so to meet the…

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