Philosophy And The Basis Of Nursing Theory

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This paper is to serve as an introductory to both philosophy and the basis of nursing theory. It expands on the nursing metaparadigm, which encompasses the central concepts of nursing practice and the foundation for the creation of theory. Nursing is then explored to demonstrate the scope and importance of the practice, but also the need for a philosophy that embodies all of its functions. Philosophy Paper
Philosophy plays both an important role in life and nursing. Whether we realize it or not, most of us have a philosophy for life. So, why would we not consider the philosophy of nursing? Nursing philosophy is necessary to realize the depth and importance of the role.
Philosophy, according to Meleis (2012), “focuses on providing a
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Meleis (2012) mentions that the United States currently views the person as a patient rather than a client (p. 98). This is a point that I was very glad to read. I have struggled with the idea of treating the patient as a consumer rather than a patient for some time. When nurses treat a patient as a customer, we are taking the care out of nursing and turning the act of nursing into a perception. The person is an individual with needs and should always be viewed …show more content…
In my opinion, this is not only the actual environment but anything that would effect a human’s health. Pollution can cause lung disease, stress at work can cause heart disease, the death of a family member can lead to depression, etc. Anything and everything is included in my understanding of environment.
I view health along a spectrum. There are individuals who are healthy, but still require the need of nursing care for evaluation to ensure that the person is, in fact, healthy and education of health promotion. However, temporary illness requires a person to have needs as well as chronic illness and disease. However, nursing does not end when a patient return to a healthy condition. This is when a nurse aids a patient by provided comfort.
Nursing is the care of others. The goal of nursing is to meet the needs of their patients. This is done through compassionate care and viewing the patient

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