Importance Of Nursing As An Art

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Nursing can be described as part of health care system which deals with care of the ill, illness prevention, promotion of health and formulation of proper health policies. A nurse is and individual who has finished his/ her education in the nursing field and is legalized by relevant authorities to practice the profession in their country or some parts of the world.
Nursing as an art entails qualities set for your patient you can formulate. It’s your own character and reputation. Art in nursing is being able to balance between different engaging activities in the career. Science of nursing on the other hand deals with hands on skills and practice of your career. It’s what you can do to ensure the patient recovers fully. In this case proper medication
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This involves working in different places such as health centers, dispensaries, hospitals, community health departments, research laboratories and many more other places. Each of the roles is accompanied with different tasks but the ultimate solitary goal of a trained professional nurse is to ensure there’s optimal care to the client on evidence found after a lot of research.
Many researchers widely consider nursing as an art and at the same time a science as long as the nursing framework is taken into consideration. Sometimes some of the approaches used in keeping care in nursing may challenge the nurses themselves. The nurses try to maintain their acts of caring and dedication to their job as this is the epitome of the profession (Leininger & McFarland, 2002).
Technology can be defined as the use of acquired science skills to solve a problem whether large or smaller. Technology in nursing contains different entities for example health records and informatics. Communication by use of different gadgets can help nurses gather a lot if important information thus helping thousands of patients suffering from different ailments. Technology has revolutionized the whole way whereby goods and services are bought and simply communication between concerned parties (Jeffries,
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All these are for the advantage of the nursing profession. The policies will also make sure that nursing seems to be quite appealing to a generation whereby tech is well known. Patient safety is improved because of timely responses. Some of the tasks deemed to be complex for the nurses are easily solved by machines that have been programmed. For example complex technological machines are used for treating diseases such as cancer, which requires a lot of chemotherapy.
Nurses should be able to fully understand the effects of technology in their career. This will help them deliver quality services and also make the whole work easier. At times this can be a very big task because many nurses are not familiar with upcoming technologies such as use of new devices in the field, videoconferencing etc. many nurses at times ignore technology because they have a feeling that it’s not their job. Most of them know that their job is to take care of patients and therefore technology doesn’t come in

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