Nursing Informatics In Nursing: Informatics In The Nursing Profession

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Nursing informatics has transformed care delivery over the last four decades by automating patient and medical knowledge information management. The discipline has produced phenomenal improvements in community well-being. The technology saves patients and providers time and money and facilitates ongoing communication. Most nurses are familiar with informatics and believe the technology improves operational efficiency and patient information management.

Informatics in the Nursing Profession

Nursing informatics has existed as a specialty practice since 1984. [1] The field encompasses many related information technology (IT) disciplines, such as:

Computer science
Data recovery
Information networks
Patient care

Informatics involves IT as it applies to delivering nursing care, including training, management and clinical practice. The field combines IT, computer science and the nursing discipline to support caregiving. Using informatics, nurses manage important data
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[3] The Institute of Medicine defines quality of care as “the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increases the likelihood of desired patient outcomes and are consistent with professional knowledge.” On a scale of one to seven, over 60-percent of survey respondents rated the impact informatics has made on the nursing profession as a six or seven.

The survey considers when the participating respondents’ institutions hired a dedicated informatics specialist. The poll revealed that the longer an organization practiced formalized informatics, the better the nursing staff perceived service quality. This perception was similar, but slightly higher, among informatics nursing specialists.

Documentation and Compliance

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