Nursing: The Role Of The Nurse

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My understanding of nursing is that nursing is the action of being the crucial care provider that will help the patient recover, the person that will modify the environment for the patient as well as the one leading to health. The nurse’s job is to assess, and should be able to diagnose, as well as prescribe medication. The role of the nurse is to provide care, manage, assess and guide the patient, and help the patient adjust to any new physical defect. Nurses must respect one’s self-worth, as well as showing kindness and compassion toward a human being, whether if they are poor or wealthy, a friend or a stranger. However I believe the core of nursing is caring, and the purpose of nursing is to help.
The core of nursing is providing care.
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If a patient is not able to care for themselves, when they develop a new physical defect it is the nurse’s job to help the patient adjust to these changes. For instance, a patient had to get their arm amputated, and the amputated arm was the arm that he/she writes with, and frequently uses it to perform many other tasks. It is the nurse’s job to help and teach them how to adjust, and show them other ways to perform tasks using the other hand. The nurse needs to guide the patient, and the patients need guidance with every step that will contribute to recovery. When a person is sick, they are at a weak state, therefore very vulnerable (Desire, 2015). Thus, the nurses teaching, and guidance is important (Desire, 2015). Then, with the teaching, and guidance of the nurse the patient can adjust to the changes to perform at their best. The people may develop insecurities and be self-conscious, and become depressed, this may greatly affect them emotionally and this may lead to an emotional distress. The nurse has to help them cope with the physical defect as well as their emotional distress. The nurse may help the patient with their emotional distress by simply talking to them or asking them what is bordering them? What can they do to help them? What is the best support that they can provide? By showing and caring for the patient, this will help them to recover faster, adjust, and cope with their new …show more content…
Showing respect to a patient is very important. A nurse must respect their patients’ needs, and their wishes. For example: If a patient refuses to take medications, because in her culture she is forbidden, or does not believe in taking medication, a nurse cannot physically, or verbally force the patient to take the medication. Nurses must also show respect to the individual themselves, whether if it is a child, an adult, an elder, or transgender, everyone must be given the same level of respect. Age should not matter, all ideas, thoughts, and wishes are values. This shows respect to the individual. It is important to listen, and respect a child’s thoughts, and ideas (Desire, 2015). They may not be mature; however, if they want to contribute to certain things, they should not be ignored (Desire, 2015). This will show the child, that they are valued and respected (Desire, 2015). Adults and elderly should also be given the same level of respect. Their sickness should not determine whether they should be listened to or respected. Male, female, and transgender should be cared for equally, and valued the same. Their decisions and thoughts must be respected, and valued. Everyone is born differently, regardless how we distinguish them; we must all treat them with respect. If necessary, nurses should adjust their care plans based on the patient’s preferences, to make sure they achieved

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